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Communicator, Author and Speaker

Everything we do or say, in every way, every day, throughout the day, intentionally and unintentionally, communicates a

positive or negative message to others. 

People Connectors is powerful, positive communication. 

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30 Years

Independent Business Owner

25 Years

Professional Speaker on Communication

5 Books

Author on Communication



Connector Tips


People Connectors

Online or in the room, all sessions are tailored to fit your needs.

For more than 25 years, Terry has taught how People Connectors:

- improve online communication

- establish team leadership

- resolve conflict

- sell change more effectively

- build a more loyal team​

- communicate diverse viewpoints

- reduce stress and create more fun

With more than 30 years of experience building dialog between executives and management, management and staff, superintendents and educators, and in  large and small teams - Terry's People Connectors improve communication for professionals at every stage of their career.



It Takes More Than A Great Haircut

Through vast life experiences, voracious reading, trial and error and the school of hard knocks, I've learned what works and what doesn't work when it comes to connecting with others.  My books, videos, coaching and programs provide practical connectors, based on a lifetime of learning.  They've immeasurably changed my life and the lives of many with whom I've been privileged to share my message.  They can do the same for you. 
Let me help you today!

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Michelle Chiles-Fourcoy
Chief of Staff, Coalition on Adult Basic Education (COABE)

Terry Sumerlin presented 3 sessions for the MAACCE Virtual Conference. Terry was encouraging, positive, filled with humor, and he truly connected with the attendees. In addition, he was calm, soothing, and had a common-sense approach that our attendees appreciated. Attendees to Terry's sessions thanked him for his kindness, insight, sharing his struggles, and delivering an uplifting message.