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Elevating Communication for Educators

Any teacher can give out information. Educators connect. They take the steps necessary to communicate effectively, regardless of the circumstances. Connection has the power to create a love for learning and to change lives.

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Terry was encouraging, positive, filled with humor, and he truly connected with the attendees. In addition, he had a common-sense approach that our attendees appreciated.

Michell Chiles-Fourcoy 

Chief of Staff

Coalition on Adult Basic Education (COABE))

Terry has the unique ability to take simple, practical, common-sense communication practices and connect them to everyday life. His ability to revitalize forgotten or neglected knowledge information is vitally essential for us all to reconnect with these human interaction strategies and techniques. Effective communication is the cornerstone to human interaction and there isn't anyone who wouldn't benefit from reading his book.

Mark Branger

Executive Director

Montana Association for Career and Technical Education

As I read Terry's book, one phrase repeatedly came to mind: 'champion of the obvious." Through his reliable storytelling, he brings to mind insights and observations that at first appear to be obvious, but in application are rich and practical. I recommend Terry's book to educators, without reservation!

Victor White

Superintendent of Schools (retired)

Deer Park ISD

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Elevating communication for educators
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