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Terry Sumerlin

I’m a teacher, as is my wife, Sherry. Though she retired as a math teacher for a large Texas high school, she still tutors students and is active (as am I) in the Texas Retired Teachers Association. I’m also a “retired teacher.” I subbed one day for a middle school and immediately retired!

However, I still teach! Just in a different “classroom.” I’m a motivational teacher. For 30 years, I’ve travelled the country and written books in an effort to teach People Connectors – communication - to those in education as well as in other professions.

Whether teaching virtually or onsite, I’m often reminded of certain commonalities between Sherry’s classroom approach to teaching (as well as that of other wonderful educators) and my approach at conferences. For instance, we are both passionate about what we do. And our passion has propelled all of us past numerous obstacles, especially those of the pandemic and the resultant virtual communication. We understand how draining it can be to solely provide all the enthusiasm that goes with virtual. We also know that it leaves a gap that begs filling. I provide the bridge.

No doubt, teaching in any form, anywhere, under any circumstances, has its ups and downs – as does life. One of the greatest teacher ups is the ah-ha moment. The moment when you see the light come on. When a student gets it. It’s that special moment when you know you’ve made a difference!

Educators do that regularly! You do that! You connect through effect communication with students, fellow educators, parents, administrators, and associations. You create ah-ha moments. You change lives.

Any teacher can give out information. Educators connect. They take the steps necessary to communicate effectively, regardless of the circumstances. Connection has the power to create a love for learning and change lives.

That’s what my speaking and writing are about. They're about the frustration and fulfillment, discouragement and courage, exhaustion and elation of an educator. They're about how to communicate, including to ourselves, during the ups and downs. They're about how educators bridge communication gaps to create more ah-ha moments.

My approach is storytelling, humor and plenty of practical, common-sense takeaway. I share with you the same hope-inspiring, communication message and tips that I’ve shared with thousands of educators from Bozeman to Dallas and Birmingham to Guam. My programs elevate communication through everything we think, say and do. Everything! Here's to more ah-ha moments as an educator!

Texas Retired Teachers Association

2021 - Present

NSA-NT - Charbonneau Speaker Academy Coordinator

2015 - 2016

Dale Carnegie - Instructor for the Customer Service & Human Relations/Public Speaking Courses

1985 - 1990

San Antonio Business Journal

1990 - 2000  Monthly Leadership Columnist

Author of Four Leadership Books

1997 - Present

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P.O. Box 383, Lavon, TX 75166

972 853-2130

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