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Powerful People Connectors

Ideal for keynote or breakout - onsite or virtual. 

Through technology and electronic devices we are more connected to the world than ever before. Yet, in the ways that matter we are alarmingly more disconnected. Why is this and how can we really connect with others professionally as well as personally?

In this humorous, insightful, entertaining program your team is gently kicked on the shin and reminded of things that perhaps they already knew, but have forgotten or neglected.  Through masterful storytelling they are impressed with the importance of people skills and the positive attitudes that produce them.  Most importantly, they take away practical tips that can be applied immediately in their role as a team member, leader, educator, executive, salesperson, or in other professional roles.

If you want a more connected team that interacts more effectively with one another and with those whom they serve through their products or services, this program is for your organization.

As a keynote or breakout session, the following essentials are discussed:
1. Connecting through a trust account, and the importance of deposits such as genuine enthusiasm, integrity, consistency and encouragement.
2. Connecting through genuine people focus.  What it looks like to show people that they are important.  Things that distract from demonstrating people importance.
3. Meaningful ways to show respect.
4. Connecting through lightening up and having a good time.

Pinpoint takeaways:
1. How to stay more enthusiastic.
2. How to change our negative attitudes to positive ones. 
3. How to genuinely make others feel important and show respect.
4. How to reduce criticism and stress.

Special Discounted "COVID-19" fees:
$2,500 onsite flat fee

 $1,000 virtual


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At The

Speed of Life

Connecting and remaining connected can be challenging under the best circumstances.  With every interaction there are often differences in background, education, culture, interests and a variety of other things.  When we add all this to daily challenges and possible negative attitudes, connecting becomes more difficult.  Then avoiding disconnect becomes a concern. 

Though this is a stand alone a  keynote or breakout session, it is also a perfect sequel to "How To Connect Where It Really Counts."  In a high energy, entertaining manner, Terry discusses how to remain connected at the speed of life, what that looks like and the people skills that are necessary to maintain in control.  ​

Speed of Life Challenges:

1. Discouragement - it's common, it's treatable, it takes perspective.

2. Anger - types of anger, signs of maturity/immaturity, management (ours and others). 

3. Criticism - value, responding rather than reacting, how to give criticism.

4. Opposing viewpoints - difficult vs. different, benefit, clear understanding, proper response.

5. Stress - causes, solutions, "What's in your cup?"​

Pinpoint takeaways:

1. How to have more attitudinal ups and ups rather than constant ups and downs.

2. How to stay in control when others lose theirs.

3. How to make the best of all types of criticism.

4. How to disagree and remain agreeable.

5. How to reduce stress and have more fun.​

Special Discounted "COVID-19" fees:
$2,500 onsite flat fee

 $1,000 virtual

For availability or additional information contact Terry at:
(972) 853-2130
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That Connects

Need a 20-30 min.

(or longer)

 entertaining keynote -

with takeaways?

This program was designed for a client who wanted a communication shot-in-the arm for her hotel managers who had limited time for the program.  It was given virtually (see the video on the home page), but can also be effective onsite.  Here is what the client had to say about Terry's programs:  “I have used Terry on several occasions to present to my Leadership Team.  Each time I would give him an area of focus for the coming year and he would design the presentation just for us!  Each time he has given them valuable tools and hit it out of the ballpark. I always survey the team and they ask for him back year after year.  I highly recommend his presentation style.”  ​

The style is entertaining and fast paced.  The focus is on "Everything communicates. We cannot not communicate."​

Three points are covered:

1. How we talk - information vs. communication.

2. How we listen - partial attention, hearing is not listening, total listening.

3. How we think. What we think is communicated.  Attitude leaks. 

Pinpoint takeaways:

1. How to talk so that others get it.

2. How to "effectively" listen so that others will want to listen to us.

3. How to avoid  negative communication. ​

Special Discounted "COVID-19" fees:
$2,500 onsite flat fee

 $1,000 virtual

For availability or additional information contact Terry at:
(972) 853-2130
Message through this site