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Ten Communication Tips for Teachers #2

 Connecting is not simply a part of life.

It is living, as well as teaching, at its best.

To not connect is to not only miss life,

but to also miss teaching opportunities.

Constantly connect.

Authenticity is not required for talking.

It is required if we expect

others to listen and learn.

Be authentic.

The first time today that we

communicate with someone,

is the same time that we make a

first impression with that person, for today.

That impression can impact

all communication with that person all day.

Make a positive first impression - first thing.

Students learn best

not by being made to drink,

but by being made thirsty.

Make learning fun

and they will thirst.

Complainers don't mind

suffering silently,

if everyone knows about it.

Beware, complaining is

habit forming,

and poor communication.

We chase

but never catch happiness.

Happiness often catches us

while we're adding value to others.

Let happiness catch you adding value.

Acquiring communication skills by accident

is about as likely as dribbling a football.

Neither is going to happen.

Deliberately acquire

communication skills.

Experience is what we get

when we don't get what we intended.

Better is what we get

when we use experience wisely.

Befriend experience.

A great attitude doesn't depend on

a when, a where or a what.

It depends on a who - you!

Frequently check what's inside.

The best gifts we can give

are kindness, courtesy

and undivided attention.

Be prepared to get them back.

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