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Conference Success Guide

  1. If there is a moderator, an introduction will be sent prior to the engagement.  Please let Terry know if any changes are going to be made. 

  2. If there are items on the agenda prior to Terry's presentation, lasting more than 30 minutes, please consider giving the participants a short break before Terry's program. 

  3. Terry session(s) will be tailored to your organization and its participants. Please choose a few key people in your organization who would be willing to share their valuable time (approx. 30 min.) and valuable insights, via phone or online, with Terry as he crafts his program.  

  4. Terry has high standards of professionalism.  Please convey to him any suggestions or concerns  having to do with such standards.  

  5. Depending on his schedule, Terry does not require a lot of lead time for an event.  However, please allow enough time for collaborating  with Terry regarding objectives, goals and expectations for his program.

  6. Terry likes interaction.  In addition to questions that will be asked in connection with the session, please suggest to participants that they forward any specific questions or concerns to Terry prior to the event. 

  7. Please advise participants that because of time restraints not all questions will receive a response at the event. But Terry will respond. 

  8. The length of Terry's program is determined by mutual agreement. Terry has the experience to adjust his time to the flow of the event in a genuinely congenial manner. Please keep in mind that for best results, in terms of content and Q & A, he needs all of his allotted time.   

  9. Relax and enjoy.  Terry is a have-fun, people-lovin' pro. 

  10. ​These are not requirements, only ideas that add quality to events. Please call Terry if you have any questions.


I like to say that I'm am not in the speaking business.  I'm in the people business! I help people to connect in the workplace, in the home and in society.  As I instill People Connectors in their mind and hearts, I'm personally blessed by forming many wonderful, lasting connections. 

Here is what a few of these wonderful connections have to say.  

His presentation skills are impeccable, as well as his knowledge. He is an excellent speaker for any occasion.

Susan Vollmer
Contract Manager

You did a great job for us!  Thank you for making the extra effort to communicate your message and examples in ways that had a direct application to both our business and to our personal lives

Peter J. Hennessey III, CLU, FMLI, Chairman of the Board and CEO, GPM Life (Government Personnel Mutual Life Insurance Company)

We always wanted presenters that could get the audience’s attention, keep it, and provide valuable information they could apply to their work immediately. Terry did that!

J.B. Berryhill Ph.D., Former Director of Pupil Personnel, Brazosport I.S.D.

I had the great opportunity to learn from Terry as he spoke at the ACTE Region V conference. I admired his  presentation skills, focused message, professionalism, teambuilding and relatability.

Pam Ferguson, ACTEAZ Executive Director

Terry’s People Connectors message is timely.  His message brought laugher, tears and at times put chills on my arms. Building a trust account, respect for others and communication skills are vital for all areas of our lives, which Terry illustrates in his message.

Mark Branger, Region V Vice President, Executive Director, Montana ACTE

Terry, I thought your presentation was excellent. I have heard many positive comments about our (60th anniversary) event, and your contribution was a big part of making it a success.

Robert E. Dawes, SES SAF/AG, Past Auditor General, Air Force Audit Agency, The Pentagon, Washington, DC

You were everything we had hoped for and more. You held our group’s attention and you kept the presentation fun and enjoyable.  Terry, you are wonderful to work with.

Joseph Cavey, Coordinator US Census Bureau

Exactly what we had hoped for. It really set the stage for one of our most successful conferences, and many presenters used the themes they heard during your presentation.

Gerald Wojtala, Vice President, Association of Food & Drug Officials

I first heard Terry speak at a management association meeting for my employer, which is a federal government agency.  His presentation was powerful and entertaining.  I then invited him to speak at my office’s Public Service Recognition Week luncheon, and he adapted his message to the different audience.  Both presentations were professional and heartfelt.

Erica Figueroa, District Manager, 
Public Service


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